Thursday August 6th - Sunday August 9th, 2015: Toronto, Canada.

American Psychological Association Annual Convention:

Symposium: Impacting Individuals and Society: Applying Psychology in an Era of Uncertainty

This is an age of uncertainty. We live in a troubled world with many people suffering from
hopelessness, anxiety and more serious mental disorders. With so much on violence,
terrorism, and confrontation seen in our world, and fanaticism and religious intolerance
growing, it is time to focus intently upon what psychology has to offer to encourage
greater tolerance, emotional, and mental health in our everyday lives, in our own homes,
societies, and countries.
Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis worked with her late husband, reknowned pioneer in Psychology, Albert Ellis PhD,
in every area of their work: including presenting, training, research, and writing. Dr. Debbie
Joffe Ellis will talk about the Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) approach of
Albert Ellis, about the humanistic principles of REBT, the methods and techniques which
may be applied to lessen tensions of the time; embedding them among assertions
concerning the domino effect of individuals adopting the REBT approach which can lead
to healthier communities, which then lead to healthier societies and ultimately a more sane
Dr. Stanley Krippner, Professor at Saybrook University, renowned APA Fellow, pioneer in
the field of transpersonal psychology and expert in the fields of dreams and hypnosis,
often from a cross-cultural perspective - will in his talk include the importance of
addressing, and methods and techniques for attending to PTSD, a concern at this time of
ISIS and other forms of violence.

Dr.Krishna Kumar, President of Division 32 (Humanistic Psychology) will be Chair of the session.

Dr Frank Farley, former APA President, will be the Discussant.